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1985_Silverstone by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
55.4 MB2016-02-29 9:46:20 PM3
60s_spa.rar 34.7 MB2012-11-10 7:52:58 PM2
Adelaide 2011 v1.0 by Redhawk, Flaux, and cams by pycat.7z 61.7 MB2013-09-30 6:48:13 PM2
Adelaide11.7z 123.2 MB2012-12-02 5:17:07 PM3
Amaroo v4.0 by philrob 2017.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
35.8 MB2018-01-19 11:15:35 AM7
Cernes Wood by philrob To RF1.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
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uploaded by Philrob
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Dallas GP 1984 by philrob.rar
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Rfactor track
30.4 MB2012-06-25 10:42:36 AM2
IsleOfManGTLV2 by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
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Lakeside 60s V5 by philrob.rar
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LasVegas Caesars Palace F1 81-82 by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
35.8 MB2015-11-14 9:25:25 PM2
LeMans 60s v1_0 by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
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Levin.rar 12.8 MB2014-11-27 3:40:31 PM1
LourencoMarques.rar 43.8 MB2013-09-12 12:05:59 PM4
MallalaV2 by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
33.2 MB2016-02-29 9:46:13 PM2
rfactor track
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Rfactor track
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PergusaRF1 by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
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Riverside raceway By philrob.rar
Rfactor track
32.5 MB2012-07-09 7:51:18 PM3
Riverside raceway Club addon byDavy512 .rar 379.1 KB2013-08-24 6:27:40 PM3
RoyHesketh.rar 61.1 MB2013-07-30 10:43:31 PM1
Sardian Park v2.0 by bud lucas update by philrob.rar
uploaded by Trippteam
35.1 MB2018-01-17 10:14:55 PM3
sky and skyboxi for the Spa 60s v1_0 by lemax.rar 2.1 MB2012-11-14 8:32:15 AM2
Spa60s new cam RF v2_0 by 7.0 KB2012-11-19 3:46:14 PM3
Suzuka82 by philrob.rar
Suzuka as it may have been in 1982, very few photos and videos exist of this track in 82, i have had to use some educated guess work.
This represents the 1st version from 1962-1982.
In 1983 a chicane was put into the last curve(casio triangle) to slow the cars into the pit straight and in 1987 the Degner curve was made into two corners instead of one long curve, this version is without these later additions and is in its original form.

all textures on existing track changed
orange haybale like objects are large foam blocks
added pit tower
added garages
added stands
added spectators
added 2d and 3d marshals
added marshals stations
added 2nd alternative pit buildings
added forests of trees
added lakeside reeds
added track vehicles ambulance, fire, cars, trucks etc
added tents and other TSOs
i have attempted to add Japanese signs, i dont know if i have got them right.

changed GDB
adjusted lighting
some shadows added to trees and buildings
new logos in period style
skyboxi and sky replaced
new loaders
added trackside vehicles kindly donated by CY-33

Base track created by soramame6r4 whom i cannot contact.

AIW kindly recreated by BillBro, without his assistance this track would not have been released.

philrob Sept 2016
34.5 MB2016-11-01 8:14:16 AM1
Vancouver90sV2.rar 29.5 MB2013-08-19 6:42:57 PM5
Wigram.rar 43.2 MB2014-11-27 3:40:36 PM2